Our Team

Louie Anderson - Lead Sales Representative 

Louie has been a legendary figure in indoor climbing since the early days of the industry. Louie is in charge of our customer relations and North American orders. If you have any questions about how the holds can or should be used he is the one to ask. He has built over 100 climbing gyms and helped start over a dozen popular climbing hold brands. 

Kevin Branford - Vice President of Method Grips and Lead Designer

Kevin has been on the climbing scene since 1991. He is most known for being the 5 time youth national champion and a one time Youth Continental Champion. Since 2007 he has been working as a professional climbing coach, most notably coaching Megan Mascarenas to a World Cup Championship and several other major competitions. To date Kevin has had over 1000 climbing hold designs hit the marketplace. He also holds a bachelor degree in business and has a keen eye for details and business strategy. 

Mike Nicholson - President of Method Grips and Big Hold LLC

An avid Big Wall Climber,  Mike manages and owns several brands in the climbing hold industry. He is the former owner of Kingdom Climbing, which won #1 on the climbing business journals grip list its first year in business. After selling the company he decided to start a new brand called Method Grips and pursue partnerships with Big Hold, Legacy Ascension, Menagerie Climbing, and Enix Climbing. Mike holds a Masters in Business Administration from California Lutheran University. Mike has several years working in real estate development and the asset management field, including managing a 500m dollar real estate portfolio for a private owner and helping to close a 175m dollar transaction of a large multi-family group. 

Dana Nicholson - Office Manager 

 If there is a question about your bill or shipment she will know. The heart of the organization, Dana keeps the day to day office moving. She has many years experience working in an office environment where details matter. Her main job is order processing and bookkeeping. 

Our Story

Started by Mike Nicholson, Method Grips is one of the newest climbing holds companies produced at Aragon Elastomers. Mike had the idea of collaborating with a small group of artists and climbing brand owners to create exciting and interesting climbing holds. Method uniquely benefits from this strong team of sharpers working together to create the best possible products for the marketplace.

Early in the development phase, Kevin Branford decided to join the team as an owner. Kevin brings to the company a lifetime of indoor climbing, coaching, and setting experience. He is also lead designer of Method and his designs are prevalent throughout the site. Through his leadership in the design of their products Method has something truly special to share with the route setting community.

Method’s goal is to continually push innovative designs to the marketplace while maintaining a dedication to provide a high degree of professional customer service.